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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 19 21:40:05 MDT 2004

Micah L. Sifry wrote:
> Ah, dear Louis:
> If only this "Reform Party" had anything to do with Jesse Ventura, who 
> offered some promise for an independent third-party path. Unfortunately 
> it doesn't. Ventura quit the Reform Party in early 2000, just as its 
> small-d democratic wing was being snuffed out by the combined efforts of 
> the Perotbots, the Buchanan Brigades and the Fulaniods.

I can't get that worked up about Lola Folana and Fred Newman. Did they 
institute a loyalty oath like Harry Truman? Or wipe out the Cherokees 
like Andrew Jackson? For my money, the most insidious cult in the USA is 
run out of the Democratic Party. Fred Newman is a crackpot, while people 
like Wesley Clarke and Madeline Albright are out and out war criminals.

> Today's "Reform 
> Party" is a mirage with a few ballot lines, run by an opportunist with a 
> truly odd history, not only of supporting Bush in 2000 but of defending 
> white supremacists in court. I don't think there are any Ventura-style 
> Reformers in this formation. 

So far you haven't stated which people in American society are getting 
fucked over by the Reform Party. Meanwhile, a Democratic President is 
responsible for a welfare "reform" that I never would have dreamed 
possible except under somebody to the right of Ronald Reagan. That's 
Katrina vanden Heuvel's saxophone-playing bad boy who did that.

> Ralph's alliance with this group is way too 
> late to deliver any meaningful connection to the once-significant Perot 
> bloc. When he had that opportunity, by the way, in 2000, he managed to 
> alienate Ventura by refusing to appear at a third-party candidates 
> debate the Minnesota Governor hosted. Give it up--this particular path 
> out of the two-party box is not leading anywhere.

I think the fact that it serves as a lightning rod for people on George 
Soros's payroll indicates that something good is going on. Decades from 
now, scholars will study the dry rot of the American soft left and the 
money trail that turned people like Norman Solomon into pimps for the 
status quo.

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