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> "A Postmortem: The Anti-War Movement, September 2001-March 2004":

The question of what has happened to the antiwar movement is an important
one.  The way to start answering it is, in my opinion, to begin with an
understanding of what the U.S. antiwar movement actually was, in, say,
February of 2003.  It was not as if we had taken the thousands of people who
demonstrated against the Yugoslavia war (for example) and multiplied each of
them by 100; which is to say that the movement of February 2003 was not the
same thing as the movement of May, 1999 only much bigger.  Nor for that
matter was it the same thing as the antiwar movement of May, 1970.  There
were a lot of angry people, but were they radical opponents of the system?
Had they renounced their hopes in the Democrats?  Were they taking a
victory-to-the-resistance position?  I don't really think so.

Anyway, I have some thoughts on this whole issue that I want to present at
some point, but first, while looking over Yoshie's piece I was surprised to
come across the following obit on my party:

"Not surprisingly, the WWP fell apart this year, the split caused by its
failure to educate its own members and others who attended its events as to
the nature of the Democratic Party (if I may trust a few reports on the
WWP's split published here and there)."

This paragraph links to one of her own earlier pieces which cites the piece
from "Frontlines newspaper" at length.  But that piece, as I said at the
time, contained serious inaccuracies and was based on rumors itself.  I
don't know what "reports published here and there" Yoshie is talking about,
other than Chuck0's highly inaccurate piece and Frontlines' highly
inaccurate piece.  To say that WWP has "fallen apart" is to blow a summer
cold up into a mortal illness.  In fact I would say that the vast majority
of us would say that we have come together rather than falling apart.  And
to say that WWP "failed to educate its own members .. as to the nature of
the Democratic Party" is a baffling absurdity.  Sorry, Yoshie, but you're
way off base.

Lou Paulsen

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