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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 20 09:38:55 MDT 2004

It's my strong impression from this vantage point -
Bogotá, Colombia - that this time the Demcratic Party
is really trying to win the Presidential election,
unlike last time when they did everything possible to
lose. And that a very powerful part of the Repbulican
Party is tactily supporting them - like the

The Anybody But Bush crowd not only includes the
brain-dead liberal left, it also includes a very
powerful part of the professional diplomatic corps.

The fact that Bush's adminsitration is being publicly
criticized by Republican Senators and Senate Committee
official reports - committees controlled by
Republicans - is one key. Another is that Bush cronies
like Ken Lay (former Enron CEO) have been indicted and
will have high profile scandals in the public eye
during election season.

On the other side, you have to look at Kerry's very
successful fund raising. At the fact that Kerry has
set up a nation wide legal team to monitor Republican
electoral fraud - a team which is already filing for
court orders in various states (something Gore didn't
do until after he had been skewered). And at the fact
that the Democrats neatly and efficiently hi-jacked
the Green Party convention (as this list has so-well

In short, the Democrats are trying to win the
election, they have the support of a large sector of
the bourgeoisie. Bush maintains a very powerful edge
within the ruling class, but he appears to be losing
it on a daily basis.

So, if my impression is worth anything, while we fight
for Nader and Camejo now (keep up the good work), we
should be thinking about what the future holds for the
left if Kerry is elected.

All the best, Anthony


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