[Marxism] Re: Marxism Digest, Vol 9, Issue 44

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Tue Jul 20 11:13:53 MDT 2004

Re your reply to Micah Sifry -- I'm in gen. agreement of course, & loved your description of Norman Solomon as a pimp -- Michael Albert will be apoplectic:) -- but I want to caution you about defending the Reform Pty. 

Of course in diff. states, the orgs cd differ quite a bit. But here in CA, it's a sick outfit. 

Nader HQ -- Theresa Amato I think (?) -- hired this Reform Pty guy Jeff Rainforth to be the N Calif coordinator, then had to fire him when he started posting racist stuff about Immigrants Coming Across Our Border & Taking Our Jobs etc. But it turns out he's not unique. I've been working with several of these people on the signature gathering, & I find myself letting a lot of stuff pass. 

(I just send it to Lynda, & let her deal with it.)

Please don't quote me, but after my experience working with them, IMHO the Reform Pty hookup was a major blunder. 

Anyway, that's my best take on it, for what it may be worth.



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