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Tue Jul 20 13:18:25 MDT 2004

To: Louis Proyect
From: Dan Elliott, Sacramento
Re: Your weird attitude and behavior toward myself.

Lou ol' buddy, you are a brilliant guy. Some of your writing has impressed me so much that I've fallen into forgetting some of the other stuff you've said & done. But this last gem of yours is over the top. 

If I had wanted you to publish my note, I'd have sent it to the list. But I sent it to your personal email address, the one you used to send me a cpl of personal notes. 

So what you have done, is publish personal correspondence without permission. Which in my book is violates every ethical standard. Plus could be harmful to the very cause we are both trying to support. 

It certainly isn't going to help my relations with my co-volunteers in the Nader campaign. Or with anybody else involved in serious organizing. 

I have to criticize myself on this -- once again I've shown a tendency to very poor judgment re who to place confidence in. Mea Culpa, my bad. Burnt child resolves to be more cautious in future. 

What can I learn from this episode? What can you learn, and list readers learn? 

Well, what I think I've learned about Louis Proyect -- in addition to the positive stuff, like your excellent Marxist theoretical grounding, your wide assortment of sources, your ability to write very cogently very quickly, & so on -- is that you have a tendency toward arrogance and arbitrariness in dealing with people. Or maybe it's just toward those you see as less than your intellectual equal? Those you see as "nobodies"? 

For instance, you jump on Tony Abdo for saying directly what he thinks -- and then you turn around and call Solomon a pimp. Which in itself I have no problem with -- it's the double standard that makes me wonder where you're coming from. 

This fellow Paulsen -- who I had never said a word about, of a personal nature -- gets on and subjects me to a tirade of vituperation, because I failed to be properly reverent to his chosen gurus in the WWP politburo -- and you get on MY case about being "hostile to other list subscribers". 

You jump in to rescue Paulsen, saying my questions amount "have you stopped beating your wife" -- when they are actually fundamental questions which must be answered at some point by anyone trying to seriously apply Marxism to what we of the "subaltern" classes are faced with nowadays. 

If you have found answers to these questions you consider to be satisfactory, why not share them or direct me to them, instead of pooh-poohing the questions? 

Well, I have other work to do. But if I allow you to abuse me, then I'M abusing YOU:) 

So look, man, you ARE pretty sharp & I do give you credit for it. This list is a good thing, & I give you all due credit & respect for creating it. But I gotta pull your coat: beware of Intellectual Hubris. There are some other "sharp knives" in the drawer besides you . 

And maybe you need to read things more carefully before you start firing off your first reaction. Did you read past the first para of my note? You seemed to assume that I had to be "educated" to support the Nader campaign, when I've been working actively in it for months. 

Please do give it some thought? It just might help you be even more effective.

Well, I gotta go. Thanks for your attention, & see you round the campus:)

In Struggle,
Dan Elliott
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