[Marxism] Re: Paul Foot

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Tue Jul 20 14:11:35 MDT 2004

I am finding it rather irritating that the comments on Paul Foot in the
bourgeois press, even though they are all very warm, focus on his
journalistic talents, his professionalism, his honesty, and so on, to
the exclusion of his politics. His membership of the British SWP, for
example, in ex-Daily Mirror editor Richard Stott's Guardian obituary, is
referred to as an 'enthusiasm', as if it were a mere hobby, and with the
clear implication that his *political* commitments - 'neither his
politics nor his hairstyle was to change, though his attempts to stand
for elected office invariably ended in spectacular failure' - was a
quaint and quixotic predilection quite semi-detached from the rest of
his life.

But of course it is the opposite that is the case. For nothing that Foot
did, once he nailed his colours to the mast of revolutionary socialism,
makes any sense without seeing it in this political context. Clearly, it
will take others than the sycophants of the bourgeois press to come up
with a serious *political* assessment of Foot's life and work. For the
moment, and independently of this or that difference which I or others
may hold regarding his political organisation, then, let us just
celebrate the life, and mourn the passing, of a fellow fighter for a
better world, a partisan of what Ernest Mandel once called, referring to
the victorious struggle for socialism, the crucial human endeavour of
our age.

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