[Marxism] Re: Some comments on Yoshie's obit...

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Jul 20 19:55:45 MDT 2004

Jose writes that in 1968, "the idea of something outside the two-party
system was that unthinkable."

Actually it wasn't unthinkable in California, not initially. The Peace
and Freedom Party (an alliance of white radicals and the Black Panthers)
ran a highly successful campaign to get registered and looked like
getting a presentable vote. More importantly, perhaps, it was a focus
for activists who would normally campaign for the Dems.  This was
probably one of many reasons that McCarthy emerged -- to shepherd these
forces back into the Democratic; which he did, as you say.

Not a huge phenomenon, but better than anything that happened in 1972.

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