[Marxism] Eartha Kitt is coming to The Blue Note in NYC, July 22-25

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Jul 20 21:08:47 MDT 2004

Of course, you probably have better use for your money, but if you 
sometimes can't help splurging. It's $40 at a table, $30 at the bar, 
and a $5 minimum for refreshments. She's 77 years young.
July 22-25, 8pm & 10:30pm

What happened at the White House in 1968, in Eartha Kitt's own words"
"In 1968, during the Vietnam War, I was invited by Lady Bird Johnson to 
give my opinion about the problems in the United States, specifically, 
"Why is there so much juvenile delinquency in the streets of America?" 
The First Lady seemed to be more interested in decorating the windows 
of the ghettos with flowerboxes. I mean--it's fine to put flowers in 
the ghettos, but let's take care of the necessities first: give people 
jobs, and find a way to get us out of poverty.
     "When it came my turn to speak, I said to the president's wife, 
"Vietnam is the main reason we are having trouble with the youth of 
America. It is a war without explanation or reason." I said that the 
young ghetto boys thought it better to have a legal stigma against 
them--then they would be considered "undesirable" and would not be sent 
to the war. In their opinion, in this society the good guys lost and 
the bad guys won.
     "I didn't say this ranting and raving, but we were in a large room, 
we didn't have microphones, and we had to speak loudly enough to be 
heard. That incident, reported in such a way as to deface me in the 
eyes of the American people, obviously had to have been given by 
someone from the White House--probably the press secretary: "Earth Kitt 
makes the First Lady cry..." There were no reporters present! So this 
was a manufactured furor.
     "Within two hours I was out of work in America."
http://webs.lanset.com/bookfolk/daybook_pages/january-2.htm [Includes a 
picture of a young Eartha.]

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