[Marxism] The Ruling Class Dumps Bush

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Tue Jul 20 22:36:37 MDT 2004

Assuming that the below (excerpted from Yoshie's blog) is accurate and that
the funds were not contributed in small bills by millions of concerned
citizens, but in large dollars by the usual corporate interests, the numbers
are very illuminating and should dispel any idea that a vote for Kerry is a
vote in opposition to the interests of the ruling elite.   I'm with some
others on the list who think a win for Kerry would cause the lines, drawn by
the Bush folk in such stark relief,  to again blur, allowing the masses, now
so angry, to relax, declare victory, and go back to business as usual.   One
only has to recall how Clinton was lauded as a humanitarian by most liberals
for his bombing of Yugoslavia to realize that Kerry, would be given free
reign to move at will, internationally.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

January: $12,886,579.55
February: $13,787,244.52
March: $26,265,939.23
April: $15,740,427.57
May: $13,349,397.13

January: $7,662,800.74 (includes $3.5 million in loans to himself)
February: $8,376,610.86
March: $44,155,752.60
April: $31,302,921.21
May: $30,777,512.01

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