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Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 05:25:45 MDT 2004


Criticising Ali G neither makes one a liberal nor humourless. If the workers 
find Ali G funny, then so much the worse for them- I don't, particularly. 
God forbid anyone on the left shouldn't pander to the systematic cultural 
degradation of the working class. Frankly, much of the cultural dregs 'the 
workers' have to settle for do their minds no good. Many (probably mostly 
English) workers will have fouind that other white man's black stereotype, 
Jim Davidson's 'Chalkie', totally hilarious. Should I have laughed along 
with them in the 1970s, for fear they would otherwise find me 'priggish'? 
Ali G contributed to the cartoonification of black people and black culture. 
His ilk have helped a vital, and oftimes powerfully subversive and always 
vibrant, urban black culture, popularly synonymous with words like 'bitch', 
'gangsta' and 'nigga' (with or without the 'er', its the same word). So much 
is this the case that you will find people who have never met a black person 
before use the word 'nigger' like there was no tomorrow. (Witness, if any of 
you have been bored enough, the recent altercation between black Londonder 
Victor and a silly girl in the Big Brother house. Upon entering the house, 
the girl, who has probably never seen London, greeted her new housemate 
'hello nigger. whats happening nigger'). Ali G bears some responsibility for 
this silliness. Nuff said.

PS As the RCP USA used to say, politically correct just means politically 

Philip Ferguson Wrote:
>And politically correct attacks on Ali G from liberals and the left just
>convince workers that the left is a bunch of priggish, humourless,
>sanctimonious so-in-sos.

>Happily, most of the interviewees are themselves priggish, humourless,
>sanctimonious right-wingers (plus people like the 'Nation' guy), and
>that's part of what makes Ali G's shows so funny.

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