[Marxism] Things fall apart? was: Re: A Postmortem: TheAnti-WarMovement, September 2001-March 2004

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 21 06:58:22 MDT 2004

Lou Paulsen writes, referring to reports on the WWP split referenced in
her blog: "Yoshie, fantasies are not always better than no data.  If I
were in an acerbic mood I'd start making veiled references to Colin
Powell at the U.N."

You know, if the WWP *chooses* to be completely secretive and "internal"
about its split, there's nothing any of the rest of us can do about
that. But then WWP members protestations about the supposed inaccuracies
of other accounts -- inaccuracies which are left entirely uncorrected,
but only referred to in the vaguest terms -- are a little hard to take. 

Workers World claims to be a party representing working people. I think
that carries with it certain responsibilities of political openness and
transparency. I believe people who might look to Workers World or some
other working class organization are not unreasonable in thinking that
how a group handles its own "internal" affairs are a matter that
concerns them, also. I think openness and transparency are important
values which it would be important for all left groups to take on as
part of their own values.


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