[Marxism] Things fall apart? was: Re: A Postmortem: TheAnti-WarMovement, September 2001-March 2004

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 21 08:04:43 MDT 2004

Jose G. Perez wrote:
> You know, if the WWP *chooses* to be completely secretive and "internal"
> about its split, there's nothing any of the rest of us can do about
> that. But then WWP members protestations about the supposed inaccuracies
> of other accounts -- inaccuracies which are left entirely uncorrected,
> but only referred to in the vaguest terms -- are a little hard to take. 

Yes, this is a real problem. When important political discussions are 
bottled up in Central Committee meetings under the strictures of 
"democratic centralism", the movement as a whole suffers. As I have 
pointed out on numerous occasions, that is not how the Bolshevik Party 
operated. In John Reed's "10 Days that Shook the World," you will read 
about a debate between Lenin and other leading party members that took 
place in full view of the working class over whether or not to close 
down the bourgeois press.

In my opinion, the WWP is probably grappling with the implications of a 
campaign they helped to unleash and which has an objectively ABB 
character. I refer to the Impeach Bush campaign under Ramsey Clark's 
direction that can be seen at: http://www.votetoimpeach.org/. They ran a 
full page ad in the NY Times just the other day. You can see the ad on 
the website.

Unfortunately, such a campaign dovetails too neatly with the efforts to 
elect Kerry. By focusing almost exclusively on Bush's crimes and 
misdemeanors, you make the war against Iraq into an evil deed wrought by 
an evil man rather than a problem generated by the imperialist system.

I can understand how Clark would have evolved in this fashion. After 
all, he was LBJ's Attorney General and much of his outrage is directed 
against elements of law-breaking when the USA launches one of these 
imperialist adventures.

Not that I want to give anybody in the WWP any advice (since speaking as 
a veteran of a similarly-disposed group, I know that this is an exercise 
in futility), but it seems to me that an antiwar movement cannot be so 
wrapped up in the mantle of such an individual in the future.


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