[Marxism] The Ruling Class Dumps Bush

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 21 08:13:42 MDT 2004


I don't think anyone on this list believes that a vote against Kerry is a
vote against the ruling elite, I know I don't.  But beside that elites in
and of themselves aren't the problem and will exist even in a socialist
society -- a communist one is classless, not a socialist one.  But that's
not the main problem here  You make an assumption that probably isn't the
case: that the surge in Kerry's finances is due to corporate sponsors.  In
fact. Kerry took a page from Dean's playbook and launched an intenet
campaign in March (see big jump to $44 m that mnth).  I'm not sure but I
believe Kerry does have a sizeable non-corporate base of financial support
but then so does Bush.

I just can't go along with any strategy that says let the suffering increase
to make the masses rebel.  It doesn't follow that the rebellion would be
toward a more just society, it could just be a rebellion to protect US
privilege in the world economy, and the pay off for that could be postponed
pie in the sky.  Right now, there's no organization that could guide the
"rebellion of the masses" (pace Ortega y Gasset) toward the construction of
socialist society or even the creation of a social welfare state (the
negative entropy trap of late capitalist society that most liberals seek)
with national health care and other "socialist" systems embedded in a
society whose production is still organized on the production of value.
Finally,  the final deduction you present here is just not logically valid:
There is nothing in the fact that Clinton was lauded as a huimanitarian that
could lead one to conclude that Kerry would act in any way at all.  Whoever
is the President of the United States will move at will interenationally.  I
believe that Kerry would be a lot more consultative than Bush, that's not
because he's a good guy , he's just more realistic than Bush about the
relationship between nation and globalism.

 Paul Dillon

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