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loupaulsen at comcast.net wrote:
> Well, I haven't seen the show and I never heard of it before it was mentioned here.

Well, you can watch some snippets online:

Da Ali G Show - Episode 7 'Respek'

NEW! See Ali G discuss gang signs with a detective from the Washington, 
DC police force.


Here's some other examples:

Professor J. K. Galbraith about the economy.

Ali: "What is supply and demand? Is it like with me Julie? I supply it
       and she demand it."
JKG: "Supply and demand is an old economic expression..."
Ali: "Is it like in me school? Everyone was well into Tashid Vegi
       because she was all well fit and had nice skin and whatever and
       you had to spend 75p even for a touch and Zoe Lewis who was a
       bit dodgy, looked a bit rough, she was 25p for fingers and

Ali: "So what notes do you have here?"
JKG: "Dollars, five dollars, ten dollars."
Ali: "Would it not be more convienient if instead of having like just
       a ten dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill you had like a five
       dollar nineteen cents bill or like a twelve dollar forty-eight
       cents bill or like a forty-eight dollar five cents bill or like
       a seventy-eight dollar three cents bill or like a two hundred
       and sixty-seven dollar fifty-four cents bill or like a three
       hundred and eighteen dollar nine cents bill, then you could pay
       for everything with one note, innit?"
JKG: "I have no hesitation in saying that would be so complicated that
       only you and a few other people would understand it."

Ali: "I has got an idea and I want to run it by you, Professor
       Galbraith. What has everyone in the world got...? Feet, right?
       And what do they want their feet to become...? Comfy. How do
       they make their feet comfy? One word..."
JKG: "Shoes."
Ali: "Slippers! Me idea is to make... slippers."
JKG: "Well, ah, um... you're not the only person with that idea."
Ali: "Yeah? Well, check this. I is going to use the intranet, and I is
       going to do it on wwf.slippers.com. What do you think about
JKG: "I would point out that you will only become a millionaire making
       slippers, internet or not, if you make them cheaper than anybody
Ali: "What happen if I use the intranet and I do it instead of that
       address, on wwf.swedishfanny.com, 'cos then everyone would think
       that they is going over to some nice girls or whatever, and what
       would they see? Me slippers!"
JKG: "Okay, uh, that's your risk, fortunately, and not mine."
Ali: "Do you want to invest some money in it?"
JKG: "Certainly not."

Admiral Stansfield Turner about the CIA.

Ali: "So, Mr. Stansfield, what does the CIA stand for?"
AST: "Central Intelligence Agency."
Ali: "So does it help if you was intelligent if you wanna get in?"
AST: "Yes, to get in you need a college degree..."
Ali: "Ain't that a bit racialist though that you have to be
AST: "Isn't that a bit?"
Ali: "Racialist, that you won't allow in thick people? Could I ever
       work for the CIA?"
AST: "I would certainly think so, you seem intelligent."
Ali: "Thank you very much, I has got two GCSEs."

Ali: "So let's talk about spies now because the CIA has also got to do
       with spies, innit? Is it true that you have certain female spies
       that you put a camera in their punani?"
AST: "..."
Ali: "What uniform to the CIA spies wear?"
AST: "They don't wear a uniform, they have to be as incognito as
       possible. Now look, you go over to a foreign country, we have a
       CIA person goes to country X, and in that country he finds...
       Joe, who is willing to give us information."
Ali: "Who is Joe?"
AST: "Joe is a member of country X, he is a citizen of country X."
Ali: "Is it not dangerous that you is saying his name because this
       maybe on the telly."

Ali: "What about landing a man on the moon, did it actually ever
AST: "Of course it happened, I've actually shaken hands with the first
       man on the moon."
Ali: "How do we actually know that Louis Armstrong was actually stood
       on the moon?"
AST: "It was Neil Armstrong."
Ali: "Whatever."


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