[Marxism] Now available: Richard Koenigsberg's paper on the logic of war and genocide

Library of Social Science libraryofsocialscience at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 21 09:57:20 MDT 2004

Richard Koenigsberg's paper on the logic of war and genocide is available
for the first time as an on-line publication. 

DYING FOR ONE'S COUNTRY: The Logic of War and Genocide 

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        As the Final Solution began, Hitler professed to be undisturbed by
the extermination of men, women, and children. He explained: "If I don't
mind sending the pick of the German people into the hell of war without
regret for the shedding of valuable German blood, then I have naturally the
right to destroy millions of men of inferior races who increase like

        If he was permitted as national leader to send his own soldiers to
die in war, why should he have compunction about sending the mortal enemies
of the German people--Jews--to their deaths?

        If we understand war as a sacrificial ritual that requires shedding
the blood of one's own people, then the Holocaust is no longer
"incomprehensible." Genocide represents an extension of the logic of war,
enlarging the pool of sacrificial victims. If German soldiers were required
to "die for the country," why should Jews be exempt? 

 <http://home.earthlink.net/~libraryofsocialscience/> READ THE ENTIRE PAPER


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