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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 21 11:29:37 MDT 2004

David Quarter wrote:
>  In arguing that Ali G. is trying to "represent black people" the 
> assumption is that most black people dress in baggy clothes, 
> speak very broken English and more generally behave like idiots. 
> Obviously, you've  swallowed some very degrading and racist 
> assumptions/stereotypes of black people to believe that. 

I don't know about black people in general, but Ali G is certainly 
imitating a certain kind of black rapper. Like the kind that are 
featured on MTV's Crib show or the kind that perform on Soultrane. If 
they aren't in need of satire, then I don't know who is frankly. The 
other thing is how people he is interviewing him never ask the obvious 
question about what the fuck he is. He is obviously not a black man to 
the guy in this segment who is throwing him out of his office. When Ali 
G asks him if he is being rejected because he is black, the Hollywood 
executive has the reaction any normal person would have: "Are you black?"

 >>Ali G in Hollywood

Check out Ali G pitching his ideas to a studio executive in Hollywood. 
Get ready for the premiere of Da Ali G Show on Friday, February 21st at 
12:30am ET.<<


The big joke for me is how anybody can assume he is black. He looks even 
more Jewish than me. I think the show is less about a critique of black 
rappers as it is about the idiocy of people in charge of bourgeois 
society. When Ali G suggests to Brent Snowcroft that we drop a nuclear 
bomb on Canada because they "weren't expecting it", Snowcroft takes the 
suggestion as a reasonable one. I think there is disgusting Amos and 
Andy humor in pop culture, but you'll find it mainly on the Don Imus 
show in the morning and--I'm sad to say--many of the black-oriented 
situation comedies on mainstream television.


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