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Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 12:00:57 MDT 2004


There is, regrettably, some truth in what Louis has to say about the rappers 
featured on 'Cribs', 'Soultrane', or the stars of some popular black 
comedies. This, however, has more to do with the functioning of the 
corporate culture industry, than about the reality of 'authentic' black 
culture. (I don't want to suggest, however, that all of the *apparently* 
vulgar materialist popular rap is worthless- its often quite empowering and 
vital, and not so vulgar as it might appear). It is well known, and obvious, 
that for a rapper to stay afloat in a very competitive industry and get a 
major label contract, he will have to promote the agenda of his employers. 
How likely is it that you would see Californian rapper Paris perform tracks 
from his recent 'Sonic Jihad' LP on MTV? Not very- which is why he is lucky 
to have his own label- guerillafunk records.

Louis Proyect Wrote:

>I don't know about black people in general, but Ali G is certainly 
>imitating a certain kind of black rapper. Like the kind that are featured 
>on MTV's Crib show or the kind that perform on Soultrane. If they aren't in 
>need of satire, then I don't know who is frankly.

As for Mine's comments- firstly, what exactly is wrong with opposing 
pornography on moral grounds? Secondly, when I climb down from my pulpit, I 
plan to initiate laws which ensure that the viewing or enjoyment of Ali G by 
workers is punishable by death.

Mine Doyran Wrote:

>But this is the same mentality that opposes pornograhpy on moral grounds. 
>don't need left to join the course of religious fundementalistm and
>prutanism. There is no need to preach the working class not to watch the
>show. Let them watch it first and make up their own minds. They will then
>figure out what is right or wrong with the show.

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