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Good point, actually.

Any discussion of rap music in Britain deserves a different examination from
the one that exists in the U.S. Any specialists on British rap or popular
music? Since Ali G is a product of British humor.


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> > I admit to being very suspicious of any routine that depends for its
humor on a white man dressing up as a Black stereotype.  This was the basis
of the Amos 'n' Andy radio show, and of "minstrel" shows for that matter,
and they got a lot of laughs in their time too, and their critics (if any)
were probably also accused of being humorless PC twits..
> >
> I think this is missing the whole point. Ali G isn't a parody of a black
> man but of a white man who is a would-be black man. There is a big
> difference and such pathetic types do actually exist in Britain -
> although not perhaps in quite the extreme form presented by Sascha Cohen.
> Be that as it may the joke can get a bit tedious with repetition - but
> on the other hand he does get some absolutely amazing admissions live on
> camera out of all sorts of right wingers who like to pose as being in
> the mainstream.
> Einde O'Callaghan
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