[Marxism] RE: Ali G

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 13:43:19 MDT 2004


British (English really) rap I have listened to and enjoyed includes hijack, 
gunshot, uk apache, london posse, rodney p, skinnyman, marxman, lewis 
parker, task force, new flesh 4 old, fun'da'mental, ricochet klashnekoff, 
phi life cypher, the planets, and lots of others besides. None of these at 
all evinces the stupid 'rap' culture Ali G parodies. By no means is Ali G 
alone reponsible for the stereotype of the stupid fake (wannabe american) 
rap fan, but he helps propogate and enforce the popularity of this kind of 
rap, at the expense of a popular and serious appreciation of the cultural 
value and significance of some of the best hip hop music. Anyway, I think 
the 'ali g' aspect of this thread has run dry. All in all, I think Ali G may 
have had *some* comedic value in his earlier incarnations (albeit with all 
of the qualifications suggested by my earlier posts) but as his popularity 
grew, and he started being more of a (marketable) *character* in himself, 
the limitations of the satirical side of the comedy became clear, and he 
became an increasingly farcical parody.


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