[Marxism] Re: Ali G

Jeff Kinkle JeffKinkle at home.se
Wed Jul 21 13:59:58 MDT 2004


I think the claims that Ali G is racist for portraying a negative black stereotype misses the point by a long shot.  While the character is intentionally racially ambigious, it's pretty clear that the character is a young white male from the suburbs acting how he thinks a young urban black male acts.  He is obviously using the stereotype that many whites may have of blacks but he isn't necessary reinforcing this stereotype.  If anything he's trying to criticize it.  In his interviews it's usually those in power that are exposed for being racist, sexist, or homophobic.  

That being said I think he does go overboard at times and all of the critiques about his sexism have been valid (like the porn at Cannes bit, strippers everywhere, etc.).  

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