[Marxism] Wages of Election-Year Rituals

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This is an astute piece on the minimum wage.

This is also the same reason why the disenfranchisement of Southern
blacks and Jim Crow lasted as long as it did without any serious Federal
attempt to do something.  From the days of Lincoln into the 1930s, the
Republicans were the majority party nationally and they all took oaths
to uphold the Constitution (including the 14th and 15th Amendments), as
did the Democrats.  However, the Democrats weren't going to touch an
issue that threatened the unity of their party--remember their record on
slavery--and the Republicans saw no percentage in making an issue of the

Indeed, Northern blacks were voting for the party of Lincoln without any
promises of policy change, so they were no incentive for the Republicans
to act.  Then, too, they weren't going to exert any effort for Southern
blacks who, they believed, would not be able to carry their states

More to the point, though, it allowed Republican orators to pull out all
stops in their election rhetoric--"waving the bloody shirt" and talking
about the intransigence of the South and the disloyalty of the
Democrats.  Continued black disenfranchisement disgusted enough Union
veterans in places like Ohio to keep turning the balance to the GOP,
while doing something about it would have meant depriving themselves of
the issue and gaining nothing.

So functions the two-party shell game.


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"Wages of Election-Year Rituals": 

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