[Marxism] Re: Ali G. and Emmett Miller

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Wed Jul 21 15:18:29 MDT 2004

True, point taken; and I'm not saying it's not contradictory. Gary
Younge, an extremely sensible (and black) writer on the British Guardian
had this to say about our Mr G.: 'Is he a white man impersonating a
black man or a white man impersonating a white man impersonating a black
man? One could reasonably be interpreted as a joke on the black
community which conveys black male culture as misogynistic and ignorant;
the other is a joke on that section of the white community who
over-identify with black culture and make themselves look ridiculous in
the process. [...]  The issue is not whether we should be laughing at
Ali G or not; we are. Even the black comedians who said he was offensive
admit that he makes them laugh.' (Full:

But that said, I still can't get past the point I made in my last post.
I can't help feeling that there's a line here, and that Baron Cohen has
crossed it.

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