[Marxism] Commercialisation of hip-hop and rap

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jul 21 16:56:10 MDT 2004

David Quarter wrote:
>First, LONG before the Ali Gs and Eminems of the 
world came into the picture, hip hop had been transformed *from*  
a form of black urban 'ghetto' expression (
started by black and  Puerto Rican youth in
the Bronx New York)
*into* a mainstream music  industry 
controlled by corporate America targeting primarily 
surburban white, middle class teens. I call this transformation the 
destruction of old school hip hop.

There was an episode of 'Hidden Hills' in which the black guy decided
he's losing touch with 'his culture' and he goes to a hip-hop concert to
'get connected' again.  Looking around at all the white folks around
him, he makes the comment that there'd be more blacks at a Neil Diamond


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