[Marxism] Ali G

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jul 21 17:43:58 MDT 2004

Louis wrote:
>I don't know about black people in general, but Ali G is certainly 
imitating a certain kind of black rapper. Like the kind that are 
featured on MTV's Crib show or the kind that perform on Soultrane. If 
they aren't in need of satire, then I don't know who is frankly.


It's a strange kind of anti-racism which finds any piss-taking of anyone
who is black to be objectionable.  It's as if all black people are
somehow fragile and unequal and couldn't possibly cope with having the
piss taken out of any of them.  This is a kind of new, liberal
(politically correct) racism, in which blacks are patronised, as opposed
to the older, more obvious racism.

The other night, I was watching MadTV and there was a skit on Oprah, who
had become so big she actually exploded.  Is anyone seriously going to
tell me that she is not a suitable target for satire and that her
exploding is not funny?

I'm not supporting or defending every Ali G skit.  I actually get
annoyed after a while at his obsessive sexual references to women and
wish he'd take a break from time to time from that particular side of
his act.  But, *in general*, he is still very funny and watching him
interview some pompous big name is still a treat.

Philip Ferguson


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