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Wed Jul 21 19:36:59 MDT 2004

I agree in general with Mark. The humorlessness of the politically
correct iss often a way of not focusing on more central issues facing the
exploited and oppressed. But....

It pays to be careful too and think about phrases we've inherited. For
instance, a "hissy fit" is likely to be thrown by one of Ah-nold's
"girlie men."

And an example of one of my own fuck-ups to take the onus off Mark: once
in a socialist meeting, to make a point about people stuck in the middle
of nowhere, I referred to them as living in "Buttfuck USA." And was
quickly and correctly chastised. (Now granted the phrase may have
originally referred to sheep's butts and therefore be
comedically-justified, but I doubt it.)

One last example: one of my all-time most heartwarming moments in the
movement was hearing a Black antiapartheid activist, who had been busted
with others recently, object to their use of the term "paddy wagon" and
explaining its origins as an anti-Irish slur.

Live and learn.

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 21:05:33 -0400 "Mark Lause" <MLause at cinci.rr.com>
> There is a liberal paternalism that spills over into the Left at 
> times,
> usually through leaky and humorless English Departments.  Someone in 
> my
> now-defunct college told a joke based on dialect humor.  The 
> liberals
> and pseudolefties (i.e, liberals) had massive hissy fits.  
> I countered with Petroleum Nasby, whose brilliant and 
> uncompromising
> abolitionism were usually told in white redneck dialect.  They were
> offended.
> They were also offended when I called Scott Thompson's "Buddy Cole"
> character from "Kids in the Hall" a Will Rogers for the late 20th
> century.
> The humorless deserve neither more or less than a custard pie in 
> the
> face.
> ML
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