[Marxism] Hedge Funds

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 21 19:41:04 MDT 2004


> Books such as Negri/Hardt's "Empire" may look very 
> erudite and learned, but they don't help to orient a 
> viable political strategy.

Well my brother! 

N/H's "Empire" may look erudite and learned to some but I couldn't go beyond
the first few pages of the book. It was too learned to my simplistic taste.
But I must confess that I read more than a few pages: something like the
first 50 pages or so. This means, we are in agreement on this too. 

It is my belief that this time around a viable strategy will come from the
periphery/semi-periphery, not from the center, if it comes at all. Hold
tight and "cross your fingers". "We" are working on it and need your
assistance in our formulation.



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