[Marxism] On Empire and strategy (was Hedge Funds)

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Thu Jul 22 02:31:14 MDT 2004

Jack F. Vogel:

> The point is dont just dismiss it on some anti-intellectual basis.

Well! I do not dismiss it on some anti-intelletual basis. But don't be
fooled by my name, Sabri, which means patient in Arabic. I don't have the
patience to read such long books as Empire that don't have any equations in
them. Books with equations are easier to read since it is possible to skip
the words and just look at the equations, which saves a lot of time. I
strongly recommend Hilbert and Courant, Methods of Mathematical Physics,
1924, one of my favorites. It comes in two volumes. It is a very easy read
cause it is mostly equations. However, unfortunately, there is no
revolutionary theory in it.



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