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Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 04:36:41 MDT 2004


I do not suggest that Ali G, or rather his creator Sacha Baron Cohen is a 
full-fledged racist like Davidson, not at all. The point I was making is 
that Ali G, whatever his intentions (which I don't consider that laudable at 
any rate), is helping to popularise a stereotypical image of black people 
and black culture, as much as, if not more than Thatcherite alcoholic comic 
Jim Davidson did in the 1970s and '80s. Bernard Manning never actually 
performed as a black stereotype (and the fact that Ali G is actually white 
is somewhat besides the point I fear), like Jim Davidson and Baron Cohen- he 
simply slandered and spitefully characatured black people in his revolting 
stage shows. I think, as someone else wrote, that many people who enjoy Ali 
G find black culture (which hip hop originally IS, regardless of the world 
artists Mine cites) similarly stupid and amusing. I will say it one last 
time, I think Ali G's comedy, and the parody of perhaps the most vital new 
Western cultural form of the last two decades,  is detrimental to black 
people in particular and working class people in general. Were I to dress up 
as a white muslim in the current British climate, and emulate the worst 
*establishment views* of Islam (mysogyny, fanaticism, or whatever else), in 
order to show the absurdity of said stereotypes, *in just the same way Ali G 
does* I reckon I would be justly accused of racial stereotyping. As for all 
this talk by Phil of liberal paternalism and all the rest- I repeat one last 
time, I am not that way inclined.

As for the comparison of Ali G's comedy with the Monty Python lot- I hope we 
don't have to discuss their politics again, as James Daly elucidated them 
years ago on this list!
Anyway, I will say no more- those who enjoy Ali G, laugh it up. But the next 
time your children comes around saying 'nigger this' and 'bitch that', don't 
blame me.

Philip Ferguson Wrote:

>However, your comparisons are shonky.  Ali G is not an equivalent of
>Davidson and that Bernard Manning and their racist, sexist
>pseudo-working class humour.  Ali G is more in line with a very
>different school - the school that comes out of the Comedy Store of the
>1980s and goes back through the Pythons and the Goons.  A very different
>kettle of fish.
>Next you'll be telling me that 'Til Death Us Do Part' wasn't funny

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