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Mine Doyran mine.doyran at verizon.net
Thu Jul 22 06:45:23 MDT 2004

Not really. Let's not think in terms of whether you "want to dress up  as a
white muslim in the current British climate." Think in terms of the show
business. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, for example, Larry David's wife played a
religious Islamic women. The show also used a female rock star who imitated
a sexually needy orthodox jewish woman who came onto Larry David. None of
these were racist. In one of his shows, for example,  David wanted his wife
to wear the  slamic code of dress for a haloween party in LA. She wore, and
on the way to the  party a bunch of racist people threw an egg to her,
yelling "go back where you come from." The show was exposing racism and
fanaticism in American society after Sept 11.

Let's admit. Islam is much different than rap. Islamic code of dress is
*not* part of the popular culture in west, where as  rap is. Rap is much
more appealing to imitate than a burka.

As I said, Ali G wants to make fun of the "patrozing" attitude of the
politically correct establishment, be it liberal left or republican. Yes he
does that by picking up the most absurd and extreme elements in those
cultures. But Except Nader, most of the people he interviewed are part of
the mainstream establishment--religious, sexist, racist, homophomic people.

His show starts with telling us to respect "little people." Cohen is a man
who says nothing offensive or racist about black people except imitating (or
"desiring" to be a black rapper). Imitating (or showing the absurdity of
that subculture) is not racism. If the show is to be admired for, it should
be admired for being anti-racist frankly.


Calvin said:

>Were I to dress up
> as a white muslim in the current British climate, and emulate the worst
> *establishment views* of Islam (mysogyny, fanaticism, or whatever else),
> order to show the absurdity of said stereotypes, *in just the same way Ali
> does* I reckon I would be justly accused of racial stereotyping. As for
> this talk by Phil of liberal paternalism and all the rest- I repeat one
> time, I am not that way inclined.

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