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> > I admit to being very suspicious of any routine that depends for its humor on a white man dressing up as a Black stereotype.  This was the basis of the Amos 'n' Andy radio show, and of "minstrel" shows for that matter, and they got a lot of laughs in their time too, and their critics (if any) 
were probably also accused of being humorless PC twits..

Quoting Einde O'Callaghan:
> I think this is missing the whole point. Ali G isn't a parody of a black 
> man but of a white man who is a would-be black man. There is a big 
> difference and such pathetic types do actually exist in Britain - 
> although not perhaps in quite the extreme form presented by Sascha Cohen.

If you consider an Arab person a "white man", then Ali G. is certainly 
a parody of a "white man who is would-be black man". 


  Yes -- and how pathetic for a "white" man to act "black"?

 the assumption, of course, being that there is such a thing as 
"being" or "behaving black", "acting white", etc, (i.e., the black and 
white essence?). Hence, blacks who break with their socially 
prescribes roles in society and consequently are branded "race 
traitors", or "white wash". The perfect example of the above being 
my mother who grew up in her island (Aruba's) ghetto -- not by 
coincidence, an area made up almost entirely of black people, 
most of whom had immigrated to Aruba from surrounding islands -- 
yet who went to university in Holland as opposed to staying a 
perpetual slave to the Dutch and Yankee tourists and, to make 
matters worst, decided to marry and have kids with a white 
(Jewish) man. The prototypical "race traitor" according to social 
prescriptions.  This is where the whole notion of the uncle Tom 
nigger stereotype in the *broader sense** of the term comes into 


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