[Marxism] RE: Ali G

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Jul 22 08:56:29 MDT 2004

I think David and other have made very good points on this.  When I
first saw Ali G, I certainly did a double take.  I initially know it was
a comedy and had to catch on by watching it.  In the process, of the
many things that passed through my mind, the idea that he was actually
white wasn't one of them.

The fact is that race is a cultural construct with obvious economic and
social uses.  However, while it's true that there are people so pale or
so dark that they're easily pegged, it's not that clear in many cases.
There's a broad spectrum.  It's not that surprising because, in the US,
a very high percentage of people identified as "black" have a lot of
Caucasian or Native American ancestry...and many who think of themselves
as "white" have Indian or (recent) African blood.  However, within any
of these categories, there's a spectrum of variation in skin color, eye
shape, noses, etc.

At a certain point in the process of radicalization, we all reach a
moment where we finally understand how insignificant, arbitrary, and
trival this category of "race" really is--in contrast to the absolutes
imposed on society as a consequence of this category.  It is at that
point, that we individually come to grips with the full horror of
racism.  In this sense, too, I share the sense of others who see
irreverence as implicitly antiracist.  

Btw, has anyone else seen Dave Chappelle's "black white racist" routine?

These kind of things get a racially mixed viewership and I suspect we
are all laughing pretty much the same thing.  


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