[Marxism] Let Milosevic have a fair fight

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Thu Jul 22 11:58:51 MDT 2004

From:           	Jim Yarker

Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the July 29, 2004
issue of Workers World newspaper

Let Milosevic have a fair fight

Conquering a new colony, the Roman legions drag the defeated 
back to the Colosseum. They offer a final challenge: "We will bury 
up to your neck in sand and set the lion on you. If you defeat him, 
will be set free."

As the lion leaps on him, the chieftain ducks and then bites the 
lion in 
the groin. The lion bleeds to death. "Now you must free me," he 

"Not so fast," counters a Legionnaire. "You didn't fight fair."

For those who follow the case of former Yugoslav President 
Milosevic, this enraging old "joke" hits home. Yugoslavia's 
conquerors dragged the defeated leader to NATO's court in The 
which spent tens of millions of dollars, prepared for a year, put on 
prosecution witnesses over two years and proved nothing.

That's the reason most people have probably heard little of what 
supposed to be the "war crimes trial of the century."

Ill much of the time, Milosevic worked with the aid of a handful of 
supporters and little money before hostile judges who make up the 
as they go along. He still demolished the prosecution by exposing 
"witnesses" as stool pigeons and war criminals trading lies for 

Milosevic had only 50 days to prepare his defense. He was set to 
U.S./NATO war crimes against Yugoslavia. Like the Romans in the 
the court changed the rules. The illness Milosevic complained of for 
years suddenly became useful to the judges. Instead of giving him 
and care to recover, they now threaten to stop him from 

For "fairness," for historic truth, the court must give Milosevic time 
off to recover his health, time to prepare his case, and the right to 
defend himself in court. 

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