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Craig Brozefsky <craig at red-bean.com> writes:

> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:

Actually, Louis Proyect did not write any of that chattering, I just
mis-edited the attribution.  Sorry, Louis!

>> 'In a way, 1968 began in 1967 with the murder of Che,' says the
>> author and political journalist, Christopher Hitchens, who describes
>> himself as 'a recovering Marxist, not ashamed, not unbowed, but
>> thoughtful'. Like many who came of age politically in the late
>> Sixties, Hitchens was in thrall to the personality cult that
>> attended Che. 'His death meant a lot to me, and countless like me,
>> at the time. He was a role model, albeit an impossible one for us
>> bourgeois romantics insofar as he went and did what revolutionaries
>> were meant to do - fought and died for his beliefs.'
> Walking corpses pick over the bones of the long dead and buried;
> pitiable and contemptable.  I'm compelled to kick them in the ribs, to
> shoo them away like dogs.  But, they are already dead, and I cannot
> muster the hate and indignation needed to land a solid kick.

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