[Marxism] [Fwd: [PEN-L] Cuba: siempre con combate]

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Thu Jul 22 21:49:33 MDT 2004

> There are no billboards contaminating the Royal and coconut palm laden
> landscape,

The complete lack of advertising is one of the most strikingly refreshing
aspects of being in Havana.  I recently had a discussion with a Republican
conservative who had been in Cuba - among the many silly things he said, one
was most telling.  There is a famous picture of Che and Fidel on a golf
course which this person had seen.  "Imagine," he said.  "They turned that
place into a school!  They could have made so much more money if they had
kept the golf course and made it into a resort!"   Indeed.  If only the
Cubans had a better sense of entrepeneurship!

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