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Yesterday evening, someone who worked at the hotel where Gades used 
to stay when in Buenos Aires commented me about his great sense of 
humanity and socialist views.  A couple of vignettes that help making 
the full picture.

When on working tour, Gades would never take dinner alone.  He always 
ate with those who had been working with him.  He would not indulge 
in pharisaic self-glory at all.  Once dinner was over, and only then, 
he took a seat at a corner and ordered what seemed to be his great 
pleasure: some Johnny Walker, which he sipped slowly and with 

The person who brought me these small but interesting comments on the 
personality of Gades added: Once, he talked with me for a while.  And 
he told me that his hardest task was to "take" Madrid.  As an enemy 
of Franco, he was an "unperson"  for the Madrid stage till very late, 
after he had already become a great world artist. Gades would receive 
invitations from outside Spain, but not in Madrid!

Gades was a victim of Franco, just like the great homosexual 
Republican (Spanish Republican...) dancer, Miguel de Molina.  Miguel 
de Molina, BTW, was also a sympathizer of Peronism, which made him an 
"un-person" among the Arg usually anti-Peronist "democratic friends 
of Republican Spain"...

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