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Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 23 13:42:33 MDT 2004


It seems obvious to me this thread has run itself dry, just as it seems 
obvious that Ali G is a tacky stereotype, the 'satirical' side of whose 
comedy I think most people will 'mistake' for an establishment pop pisstake 
of urban black culture. Don't those blacks talk funny? Aren't white people 
who imitate those crazy blacks funny? Bitch. Gangsta. N*gga. Yawn. 
Studentsville. Roll on a arab imitating one of those white trash rednecks so 
rife in the Southern States of America on primetime HBO TV. Haha.

Mine Doyran:

>OK, understood. What are the racist, sexist or other messages of the show?
>What is that you find offensive in Cohen's show about women and black
>Indeed, as I said, he is just the contrary. He is anti-racist. He has
>interviewed a lot of homophobic, sexist, racist people from the popular
>culture, like that anti-gay Christian fundamentalist whom he "ridiculed" 
>trying to convert gays into homosexuals.
> > (d) If you think I sound like a "Catholic priest", perhaps it is because
>both Catholic priests (the sincere ones, and there are some) and communists
>are critical of the unfettered capitalist commoditicization of culture, of
>the elevation of atomized individual taste to the arbiter of all morality,
>and of the argument that the capitalist "marketplace of ideas" is holy and
>beyond criticism.
>I did not mean progressive catholic priests. I meant the "conservative"
>ones-- the ones that preach morality as a way of covering " the unfettered
>capitalist commoditization of culture", like abuse of kids.
>After all, what about sexism, rigid gender norms, traditionalism, etc.
>within the catholic church (or any religion as a matter of fact)? Using
>religion as a way of criticizing Cohen (or capitalist commodification) is
>the weakest point in your argument.

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