[Marxism] Ali G anti-Irish British Bigot

DoC donaloc at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 23 17:26:48 MDT 2004

A chairde,

I think I'm taking a line from Melvin's spiel. Take now crap from the

Ali G is a scum-bag English anti-Republican, anti-socialist, anti-women
bigot... see below.

It is a positive disgrace that so called socialists could support his
anti-women statements. About bitches and whores!! What! I assume those
poor comrades who find him funny have never read his misogynistic shite.

Is mise

Respect due to Calvin Broadbent...

Ali G meeting a female elected representative of Sinn Fein...

Sue Ramsey, member of the assembly of Sinn Fein.

Ali: "And what is the language that they speak here?"
Sue: "Gaelic."
Ali: "Gay-lick? What is that like, a batty language or somethin'?"
Ali: "What is the story with drugs and that kind of thing here? Is
      there a problem with drugs here?"
Sue: "Um, there probably is."
Ali: "Is maybe the cause of the problem that they say, and maybe it is
      a stereotype or whatever but that say that the Irish is always
      up for the crack or whatever. You've got a problem because the
      crack make you violent, me know people from me estate, they go
      mental whenever there is someone around they want to fight them,
      whatever, it's a bad drug."
Sue: "No, crack in Ireland means having a good time."
Ali: "A'ight, for real, but it ain't all fun, it's also bad stuff as
      well, there's a high but after you've finished it there's a

Ali G meeting the legendary socialist British statesman Tony Benn...

Ali:  "So why do they call it the welfare state? Is it because it is
       well fair?"
Benn: "Well, the welfare state means that you've got a national
Ali:  "But unemployment is wicked because you get money for doin'
Ali:  "Aye. But everyone is going on about the right to work, what
       about the right not to work?"
Benn: "Well, that's different, you want to work or you wouldn't be
Ali:  "Me want to work when me want to, but most of the time me
       want to chill, me want to hang with me bitches, me just want
       to relax."
Benn: "You do treat woman with a great deal of disrespect. You're
       calling them animals. You've got no time for people, you think
       they're lazy, greedy, don't want to work, you call women
       bitches and then you're asking me about a society that's

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