[Marxism] City of God

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Jul 23 18:35:41 MDT 2004

Lou quoted:

"If I wanted to present a sociological vision or explain the 
external factors of all that, this wouldn't be the same film. 
Not to mention the fact that it would make the film a dime a 
dozen. Everybody knows what the middle-class perspective on 
the subject is. Do we need a film to tell us that income 
distribution in Brazil is a disgrace?"

Very interesting bit of bad faith as old Sartre might have 
said.  For a start the oppressed are quite capable of coming 
to an understanding of their oppression.  It does not always 
need the middle class. Also films which reveal the truth 
about social exploitaiton are far from "dime a dozen."

Moreover what the director calls a  working class perspective 
is an attempt from outside the lower classes to exploit and 
pander to all the self-destructive elements that plague the 
urbanised but unproletarianised peasantry.

I have not seen a film about the disgrace of income 
distribution in Brazil, so I too wouldn't mind seeing one.



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