Left wing Philistinism?? was Re: [Marxism] Ali G anti-Irish British Bigot

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Jul 23 18:50:20 MDT 2004

Lou wrote:

We have to understand that our role as revolutionaries is to 
develop a strategy for overthrowing capitalism. Characters 
such as Howard Stern, Ali G, Archie Bunker, the Simpsons, 
Chico Marx, Huckleberry Finn et al will never pass muster in 
the revolutionary party, but it is pointless to make a litmus 
test out of them.

My comment:

I remember in a book on the Marx Bros there was a photograph 
of them with Noel Coward standing next to a pretty-boy.  
Chico had scrawled on the photo "Noel and some faggot".

That hurt but it has never stopped my admiration for his 
comic genius.  Moreover he was socially progressive on the 
Afro-American question was he not?

I sympathise with Donal truly when it comes to Ali G, whom I 
cannot stand.  But there is a real danger of Left wing, 
nationalist philistinism in his attitude, where the only art 
we appreciate is something that would come out of the pages 
of the Left wing press.  Trotsky was very good on this 
question btw.



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