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LP> Lueko Willms wrote:
>>    _there must not be a single landless peasant._

LP> Landlessness was not the problem in Nicaragua. You are not dealing
LP> with something like contemporary Brazil.

   Then, why was the Sandinista revolution giving land titles to  
peasants if access to land was not a problem?

>>    The Sandinista leadership unfortunately gave up on this principle
>> for the vain hopes for "economic realities" which you describe above.

LP> Right, "principles". That's what is was all about. Men and women who
LP> risked torture and death from Somoza's gorillas who after seizing
LP> power decided that they were not socialists after all, but social
LP> democrats. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

   Your outburst may be prompted by me daring to disagree with you,  
but it has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

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