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> This is an interesting comment, I've never heard of that argument. What
> was specifically socialist about the Sandinista government, in your
> opinion ? Land reform ? The cooperatives ?

The simple fact that it opposed imperialist bullying.  _That_ was 
specifically socialist, even though the regime had not been 
socialist.  Why, Jurriaan?

Well, you give the answer yourself: imperialists _do_ know an enemy 
when they see it.  You write: "US foreign policy is rabidly anti-
socialist."  And yes, this is the issue at stake. They  cannot accept 
a single movement which may set an acre of land free from the circuit 
of self-valorization of [imperialist] capital, and they know it.  So, 
they naturally don't hesitate in fighting against what many purists 
among us would brand "non socialist" regimes when these regimes try 
to behave like good "national bourgeois", that is --they try to 
challenge imperialist grip on their economies and set them free from 
plunder and foreign deformation!!!!!!

I am _very far from branding the FSLN experience "national 
bourgeois"_.  Who knows, history cannot be written again, but perhaps 
a more "national bourgeois" and less "socialist" hue _might_ -please 
note verb used, I am not proposing any "alternative solution"- have 
spared Nicaraguans many tragedies.  But even if this had been the 
case, if we were posthumously right in branding  _all_ the FSLN 
experience "national bourgeois" and thus admit that Nicaragua was 
confronting a Catch-22, then we would also have had to acknowledge 
that as _consequent bourgeois nationalists_,  the Sandinistas were 
following that essential socialist banner in the times of 
imperialism: "Smert imperialismu mirovomu" (which, ghastly 
transliterated but better translated, means "Death to imperialism the 
world over"), which presides an extraordinary poster of the heroic 
age of the Russian Revolution, a masterpiece by D. Moor.

That is why the destruction of Nicaragua was a  heavy lever against 

[BTW: Perhaps the German parallel should not be found in the 20th 
Century, but in the 19th, and certainly before 1870.  In some senses, 
even the peasant wars would be helpful.]

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