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Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 24 12:31:55 MDT 2004


Hip hop music that is 'incredibly offensive' in your view, and portrays 
hooding and 'gangbanging' is not necessarily stereotypical. What appears 
'incredibly offensive' may, in fact, not be. The millions of hip hop fans 
who buy hip hop records (it is the biggest selling musical idiom in the 
world, for better or worse), some of them violent and littered with 
profanities, are not necessarily being seduced by violent stereotypes, and I 
for one resent the implication. By no means are those people who identify 
with supposedly 'offensive' lyrics (lyrics which speak to them directly and 
which very often enlighten) 'buying into' a stereotype. Sounds to me like 
*you're* the liberal one here. I think it is telling that the people least 
convinced by Ali G's crap on this list are hip hop fans, i.e. me and David 
This is my last word on this increasingly tedious thread.

PS In reply to Carroll Cox, the 'Stereotype' song lyrics were loosely 
connected with this 'Ali G' thread-they are a satirical commentary on 
popular stereotypes of American blacks. I changed the subject heading 
because I thought this thread was dead. Conversely, I did not intend this 
new subject heading to indicate a new thread was being started- this is 
principally a list for scholars and activists, not culture vultures, after 

Jeff Kinkel Wrote:

>[The] stereotype is that black men are shallow, stupid, illiterate, 
>disrespectful to women, hoods, >and gangbangers and incredibly offensive 
>but it hasn't stopped millions of record buyers thoughout >the world from 
>being seduced by it.

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