[Marxism] RE: Ali G

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sat Jul 24 12:45:35 MDT 2004

Calvin Broadbent> Hip hop music that is 'incredibly offensive' in your view,
and portrays
> hooding and 'gangbanging' is not necessarily stereotypical. What appears
> 'incredibly offensive' may, in fact, not be. The millions of hip hop fans
> who buy hip hop records (it is the biggest selling musical idiom in the
> world, for better or worse), some of them violent and littered with
> profanities, are not necessarily being seduced by violent stereotypes, and
> for one resent the implication. By no means are those people who identify
> with supposedly 'offensive' lyrics (lyrics which speak to them directly
> which very often enlighten) 'buying into' a stereotype. Sounds to me like
> *you're* the liberal one here. I think it is telling that the people least
> convinced by Ali G's crap on this list are hip hop fans, i.e. me and David
> Quarter.
> This is my last word on this increasingly tedious thread.
> PS In reply to Carroll Cox, the 'Stereotype' song lyrics were loosely
> connected with this 'Ali G' thread-they are a satirical commentary on
> popular stereotypes of American blacks. I changed the subject heading
> because I thought this thread was dead. Conversely, I did not intend this
> new subject heading to indicate a new thread was being started- this is
> principally a list for scholars and activists, not culture vultures, after
> all.
OK, but isn't culture an important area for Marxists to deal with? And can't
that be a form of scholarship and activism as well?


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