[Marxism] Democratic Lies

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Jul 24 17:12:38 MDT 2004

The level of invective against the Nader campaign from Democrats and pet
pseudo-Lefties has almost reached the level they used against the

These are just a few comments I made on the Nader list in response to
one correspondent saying the Nader campaign was being spearheaded by


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You cite NPR for the information that "43,000 GOP signatures on the
petitions to get Ralph on the ballot in Michigan."  I heard stories on
NPR about Iraqi nuclear weapons, too.  The purpose of suchy stories is
not to inform, but to mislead...deliberately so.

Wouldn't a balanced news account tell us how signatures came from
registered Democrats?  (I'd bet the numbers aren't really that
different.)  Wouldn't an honest news story have framed this with a
discussion of how common it is to have voters registered with a
political party sign such a petitions and provide some information on
any legal matters peculiar to Michigan ballot access?  Further, it used
to be that petition pages would be randomly checked to see it met the
legal requirements, and the accuracy implied in this figure would not be

So, too, with CBS News story on campaign donations.  Citing no source,
it simply asserts that $50,000 of the $1,000,000 raised for the Nader
campaign came from people also donating to Republicans.  The story is
incomplete because it fails to explain how that contributors in the
$1,000+ range often give money to multiple candidates.  The story is
unbalanced because it doesn't report how much money in the Nader
campaign comes from contributors to the Democratic ticket.  Finally, the
story is implausible on the face of it, since I doubt anyone has such
information at this point.  

Again, the specific factoids are either too vague to be checked, too
detailed to be plausible, or too torn-from-context to represent any
serious attempt to grasp the realities...  

The purpose of such incomplete, unbalanced and implausible stories is
not to inform but to mislead.  Certainly, it provides the media with a
way to cover a third party campaign without talking about the essential
message the party wishes to convey.

I repeat, to use such disinformation to say that the Nader campaign is
"spear-headed by the corporations" or that he is a "right-wing
Buchananite" is simply terrible.  If you say it because you believe it,
you are broadcasting to the world the shortcomings of your own critical
judgments.  If you say it even though you don't believe it, you are
being so thoroughly dishonest, that...well, you ought to consider going
into politics or journalism.

Mark L.

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