[Marxism] Re: Nicaragua 25 years later

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 24 19:57:10 MDT 2004

Tom O'Lincoln wrote:
> BTW I don't understand what the Paris Commune's economic measures have
> to do with any of this.

Apparently not.

> Lou continued: "If you are not satisfied with my own answer, write your
> own."
> I have; I wrote up my impressions after I went there, but it's not in
> digital form. I will dig it out and post some of it here when I get a
> chance.

I hope that your impressions are augmented by some expert material of 
the kind found in Latin American Perspectives or NACLA. I have my own 
impressions of Nicaragua, but would prefer to keep this discussion on a 
more scholarly basis. Take a look at the latest Monthly Review to get an 
idea of the level we should be aspiring toward. I have no idea whether 
Hart-Landsberg or Burkett ever visited China, but that is really besides 
the point. Their book-length article is based on material from the FT, 
the Economist and articles written by other Marxists, not anecdotes 
drawn from a visit to Peking. On the other hand, I do have a book by 
Joel Kovel filled with his "impressions" of Nicaragua, but I have never 
found a compelling reason to open it.

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