[Marxism] Traitors of the Left Publicize Themselves

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Jul 24 22:33:08 MDT 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Pieinsky wrote:
> > The signatories to that letter -- [clip]"Misleaders" would be
> > a better term.
> Well, at least Robert McChesney had the decency to resign from the MR
> editoral board before hooking up with these spineless opportunists. If
> not, Paul Sweezy would have died all over again.

The letter's closing paragraph exhibits the core misconceptions:

"In this crucial election year, we encourage progressives to work
tirelessly to vote Bush out -- as we build grassroots networks and
coalitions to hold the Kerry administration accountable to the
progressive values and policies shared by most Americans."

1. It is NOT a particularly "crucial election year." I recall Yoshie
long ago pointing out on some list that the habit of labelling this or
that political trend "fascist" usually carried the baggage of implying
that because of that terrible threat we must flock to the Democratic
banner. (Germany 1932 reborn.)

2. There is an old joke from the '50s. What is the height of arrogance?
Ans: A flea approaching an elephant with intentions of rape. How do
these pipsqueaks expect to "hold the Kerry administration accountable"
to or for anything? They are that flea approaching an elephant.

Qualification: In specific localities, one can only hold up a warning
finger as it were, not actually turn people away from the ABB position.
Jan & I have, I think, won most of the local group over to seeing that
next January we will have our work cut out for us in opposing the
occupation. They will be solid on that. But it would be spitting into
the wind right now to oppose their intense focus on defeating Bush. They
will learn -- later.


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