[Marxism] Traitors of the Left Publicize Themselves

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 25 01:05:23 MDT 2004

As sad and bad as 'An Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Kerry and Cobb' was, 
one has to travel to alternet to really see how debased and low the ABB 
crowd can go.  This site seems to specialize amongst the ABB crowd in the 
Cosmo Girl approach to getting out the women for Father Kerry this year.  
The addition of Stud Muffin Edwards to the ticket was a great boon in the 
image contest, but how do the women behind the men measure up?  Ariana 
Huffington lets us know one 'girl's' opinion in regard to this major issue, 
as she assures us that ketchup is better than books in a small town Texas 
library.   Tony
In Praise of Unruly Women
By Arianna Huffington, AlterNet
Posted on July 22, 2004, Printed on July 24, 2004
Teresa Heinz Kerry is a breath of fresh air, so why are the media choking on 

Almost every story about her these days includes at least one snarky remark 
– usually attacking her for her refusal to endlessly regurgitate the same 
pre-approved talking points.

According to the chattering class, Heinz Kerry is – and I quote – "too 
outspoken," "too opinionated," "slightly zany," "eccentric and 
unpredictable," "the queen of direct" and – cover your ears, kids – "says 
what she thinks, when she thinks it."

In other words, she's an unconventional straight shooter. The horror!

(Reporters also seem to have a big problem with her hair, which has 
variously been described as "unkempt," "unruly," "humidity-frizzed," 
"voluminous" and "expensively colored a rich auburn" – but that's follicle 
fodder for another column.)

Blather, blather, blather to the finale...

So I propose that we turn on its ear the traditional good-old-boy political 
litmus test – which candidate would you rather have a beer with? Instead, 
let's ask the women of America: Which candidate's wife would you rather have 
a cup of coffee with?

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