[Marxism] Dear Peter Coyote

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 25 07:30:25 MDT 2004

As the driving force behind an open letter in support of the Cobb-Kerry 
campaign, I am a little perplexed over whence you derive your authority.

Is it the fact that you star in the cable tv series "4400", about people 
who were abducted by space aliens? Frankly, I would be far more 
impressed if Fox Mulder had been heading up such an effort since the 
X-Files was far less talky and far more entertaining than the show you 
are presently involved with. Just a suggestion. The ratio between dialog 
and action on such shows should be approximately 50-50. In "4400," it is 
about 90-10. Underbudgeted for special effects, are we?

Perhaps you are resting on your laurels as a 1960s hippie radical. Your 
website informs us that:

 >>From 1967 to 1975, Peter took off to "do the Sixties" where he became 
a prominent member of the San Francisco counter-culture community and 
founding member of the Diggers, an anarchistic group who supplied free 
food, free housing and free medical aid to the hordes of runaways who 
appeared during the Summer of Love.<<

Not that I would gainsay the importance of helping somebody come down 
from a bummer acid trip (isn't that what they called it?), but I have a 
feeling that it was far more important to organize protests against the 
war in Vietnam.

You also inform visitors to your website that you were a delegate to the 
Democratic National Convention which you also covered for Mother Jones 
Magazine and consider your completely re-built 1964 Dodge 4x4 Town Wagon 
that you have owned since 1969 your "longest-lasting addiction." If I 
were you, I'd ixnay the references to the Democratic Party and play up 
the Town Wagon stuff. After all, the Town Wagon was never used to drop 
napalm on Vietnamese peasants.
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