[Marxism] Important civil liberties (flag-burning) victory in NZ

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sun Jul 25 16:17:43 MDT 2004

It wouldn't surprise me, if people burnt the NZ flag, after all:

- almost all banks in NZ are foreign-owned, and the private-sector banking
system is largely controlled from Australia now,
- foreign interests account for over half of the stock market trade,
- in most industrial sectors, the bigger plants are foreign-owned, or
foreign-controlled these days, not unlike South Korea (foreign-owned
companies make up 1.8 per cent of the country's 300,000 companies, but
employ 15 per cent of the full-time equivalent workforce; Telecom NZ and a
sizable portion of the electric power network are foreign-owned)
- over half of the profits made by TNCs leave the country
- 7% of the land area (a million hectares) are foreign-owned, and foreigners
are buying up a lot of the scenic spots
- the major economic growth area is real estate and property development.
- after a spree of privatisations and take-overs, the total net foreign debt
is now at least NZ$107.5 billion (another figure is $133 billion) i.e. over
100% of GDP
- there is basically zero growth in the average level of real wages.

Must be time to hoist the red flag - it's amazing though, how well the
country is doing anyhow !


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