[Marxism] Legal threat to Bali bombers' convictions

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Jul 25 17:27:30 MDT 2004

Mike Karadjis:
>Hey Tom, why do you think the Indonesian military would have wanted to
bomb westerners in Bali? Is its an anti-western element, or was it to
create a 'security' environment, or what? I haven't really seen a
convincinf argument re why the military that the US and Australia trained
and armed for decades
would want to bomb Bali.<

I carefully chose the word "suspect", because of course I don't *know*
anything. But these are my considerations:

1. The bombers used C4 explosives, and who in Indonesia but the military
has access to them? (I don't know, but everyone tells me no one else can
get them.)

2. The military is usually behind bombings in Indonesia. Call this view
paranoid if you will, but it's a common one. I saw a demolitions expert on
TV after a bombing at the Istiglal Mosque a few years ago, and he blamed
the military (though he chose his language verrrrrrry careful despite his
face being obscured).

3. I don't mean the supreme command met and decided to bomb a night club,
rather that elements in the military might have done it for whatever

4. Why might they have done it? Well yes, creating a "security environment"
might be a reason. In the aftermath they got the green light to attack
democratic rights; in fact they got their very own "Patriot Act", although
the Constitutional Court may have knocked a big hole in it now. They also
regained legitimacy in they eyes of the American and Australian ruling
classes; we started to hear about how important the "anti-terrorist"
expertise of Kopassus was. (There was also a theory I saw that the
military's business interests in Kuta were being encroached on by Balinese
rivals and that the bombings were aimed at them. Of course this could also
be total rubbish but who knows.)
5. The military seems to be behind "fundamentalist groups" generally,
because they were handy in an environment when the military itself had to
pull back a a bit from blatant intimidation of workers, students, etc. I
don't have the details in my head, but one clear example is Laskar Jihad.
They agreed to dissolve immediately after the Bali bombings, which was
awfully convenient and I took it to mean they had got a phone call from
some general telling them to do so. The same elements can always pop up in
a new form when their masters are ready.

Beyond that it's just a suspicion; you can seldom get to the bottom of such
things in Indonesia.

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